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Our employees' security

Growing in secure surroundings

Our employees are the driving force behind our activity and efficiency.
We think that ensuring their well-being and making them feel comfortable in their work environment is essential, and we foster a culture of prevention that everyone helps to develop and apply.

Occupational hazard reduction

Preventing occupational hazards, which we do through specific actions and communications geared toward our team, is one of the main components of our social health and security policy. In addition to having specialists on hand who make sure they are carried out, we all participate in striving for this goal. From 2019 to 2023, workplace accidents were reduced by 27%.

Formation salariƩs

A culture of social well-being

A spirit of commitment and motivation is indispensable in our daily work. In 2017, we signed an agreement on quality of life at work in order to promote workplace well-being by sharing best practices. By encouraging teamwork and collaboration, we promote cohesion and solidarity. In addition to taking collective actions, each of our employees receives personalized attention based on listening and dialogue with the aim of improving their well-being.