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Protect the environment

Reducing our impact

Commitment to the environment is a key part of our strategic plan: reducing pollutant emissions, managing energy consumption, maximizing operational resources, recycling…
All of these factors are studied beforehand to minimize the impact our activity has, thereby building a healthier, more sustainable future.
Respostas às alterações climáticas

Responses to climate change

In order to face the challenges that climate change poses, we are implementing an innovative, sustainable and cooperative environmental policy. We are focusing on implementing ecologically responsible solutions based on alternative technologies that are less polluting in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We monitor the consumption and the impact of our transport fleet, that meets EURO 6 regulations, and which is being renovated and updated with vehicles that run on natural gas, hybrids and 100% electric vehicles

Emprego recursos naturais

Using natural resources

Monitoring water and energy usage is a fundamental part of our environmental policy. Our energy management system is based on systematising audits of the performance of our materials and equipments: refrigerated panels with a thickness greater than the standard, the most up-to-date compressors and variators, LED lighting and the installation of solar panels to produce our own energy.

Logo recyclage

Awareness and recycling

We classify, recycle and recover non-hazardous waste generated. That is how we've managed to implement anti-polluting solutions and support circular economy by recycling reusable trash. We guarantee hazardous or pollutant waste treatment is done through authorized agents.