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Social commitment

A responsible economic agent

We want to be a part of the economic dynamism that surrounds us.
We invest in initiatives and we participate in supportive actions aligned with the needs of the cities and regions where we operate. This link with our surroundings where we act on is the driving force that supports our network.
Adaptation to our surroundings

Adaptation to our surroundings

Reducing the impact of our activities continues to be a challenge, especially in urban centers: traffic, access, parking, unloading...

Our territorial footprint is built on a policy of social, environmental and financial responsibility, adapting to the advancements and particularities of the regions where we operate.

Préparateur de commandes

Promoting youth employment

In order to respond to the challenges of the future, we are developing our hiring brand and investing in innovative programs to integrate recent graduates into the workforce

Ajuda social

Social aid

In 2014, we were the first operator to sign the agreement promoted by AECOC, "La alimentación no tiene desperdicio," which we made a reality, primarily, through close collaboration with Food Banks and our clients.